October 18, 2010


So awhile back I saw Diggy preform for the second time it was really fun :]. Check out that clip and Dinner with Kyri & Sunny on friday :]


October 12, 2010

She wants to erase me

Erase me -Kid Cudi Ft Kanye West 


October 10, 2010

Taste The Mind (I'm BACK)

Hey everyone! First off sorry for being MIA. I've just been so busy with school work, Valor Candy and just relaxing when I can lol. I just want to do a quick update since I've been absent for so long! Everything is going well with me. Just tired of school already. But it will all be over soon. My last year will be the best year. Well any year could be your best year, just surround yourself with the best people :P. I've missed my blog so much and everyday I said to myself I'm going to blog tonight! But that was always a fail. Now off to Valor Candy. The release is being pushed back for a few because of contract issues. I don't want to give you an official date just yet because I don't want that date to come and not have them out. I hope you are all still supporting the first Accessories of Valor Candy. I know Jovany is:
Thanks Man! 
(Go cop an Adeen Pin)
Hope you're all well :]

October 3, 2010

Attention... EXCLUSIVE Photos!

Amour Moi | Abhor Moi & A touch of Valor Candy: