March 30, 2010

You worried bout the wrong thing$

Charlie France By Alfonso Ohnur | Esquire Espana April 2010:

March 29, 2010

Welcome To the World

Bathing Ape x Kid Cudi Photo Shoot + Interview!:

March 27, 2010

Answers!(Pt 2)

Well I didn't get as much as I thought.... But they were all really good! haha so Here we goo

Q: how do you fell about the current state of hip-hop?

A: I feel like its not what it used to be. With all the songs talking about money and "Bitches" its not what I really fell in love with. I remember when I was younger listing to Jay-Z "Hard Knock Life" and all the classic people in the game just made me love Hip-Hop. But now with the latest rappers taking over our minds with nonsense talking about money its not what it was. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to the new music but I just wish it was like what it was in the past. (Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z, Nas, Common etc.) But some people are bring it back... Aka Diggy lol.


A: My next move with the blog is getting a new header. Also adding more photos on the right side. Clothing line wise... I'm still striving to get there.. lol...

Q: how did you manage to get an interview with diggy?
A: Dig and I have been friends for awhile now off the blog, I asked him a while back for an interview and sent him some questions over Email. It took a minute but he came through lol. Thanks again Diggy!

Q: whats your favortie blog??

A: I don't really have one Favorite, I have many... Such as:
Malibumara's Blog
Max's from Fashion Geek
Diggy's From Life of the Jet Setter
Justin's and so much more! I check out about 10 different blogs everyday lol..

Q: How does it feel having so much supporters like me?!

A: It feels amazing to know people are into what your doing, and support you. Words can't really describe it! but its a great feeling.

Q: If you don't get into a fashion/art school what is your backup plan?

A: If I don't decided to go to a fashion/Art school my backup plan is to study Business. It's always been my dream to own some type of business, and as I got older I started to get into many things such as fashion, So I put the puzzle pieces together and put in my mind to try to own my own Fashion Business.

Q: If you could do anything right now, at this very moment with no strings attached, what would you do and why?

A: This is a hard one... I think I would do something really stupid. Like go to a random store and knock things down... lol..
I REALLY DON"T KNOW =[ This is really hard... i need to think about this one.. lol


A: I only have like 7-10. I'm not that wealthy like most kids on blogger.. lol :P

Q: How do you get so much followers?
Ive been on this for a year&idont have many ... :/
&ithought my hair style was going to change EVERYTHING but it didnt ):

help me out :D

A: I really don't know... I wish I knew because one day someone is calling my blog wack and the next someone is saying its dope.. So I really don't know lol. YOUR blog is nice, I like it :D

Q: who r u when ur not on ur blog; what r u like?

A: I'm the shy guy.. lol.. I'm not much different from blogger to my personal life, Just to himself and shy :P.

Q: Would u ever maintain a friendship wit someone via the internet?
DO u prefer to date white girls (more than black girls)? Yes I went there! Just answer be honest

A: Yes I would maintain a friendship online with someone.... I have many people that I've meet off blogger and I talk to them almost everyday now.. and The types of girls I date does not really matter... Looks attract me I'll be honest but Race doesn't really matter. If the girl is what I'm looking for then Id like you(Personality Wise)

Thanks for the questions everyone!

March 26, 2010

Sound Track to My life

THIS song definitely explains me!!
Thanks for the questions. I will do the tomorrow :] AND then the contest I will throw. Hope u are into that...
Also Tomorrow I'm getting my pix taken for The "Taste The Dopeness" preview.(Online Magazine NOT Lookbook.)
Till Tomorrow...

March 24, 2010

Ask me something!(Pt 1)

So today(March 24th) I'm going to kick off my second Q&A day... So if you remember my first one back when I started this blog I gave a few days for you all to come up with a few questions to ask me... I believe I answered around 10. This time I hope to answer more since I gained a lot more followers since then lol... So This is the first start of this post. I'm open to any questions... well almost any.. haha. Ask about me! Not about other people if you get my drift.
So Please PLEASE start and make it clean! (This ain't Formspring.) I hope to answer about 20 individual people. If you have more than one question Leave a limit of two! Yes TWO per person... Hope you have fun with this.. THE contest is coming up soon

March 23, 2010

Fake Cat's make you recognize the real

Manitou Deck Shoe | Sebago For Kurt Geiger:
These shoes are on my list next. I was looking around to post something and I found these. I think these suit me well haha. And they kinda match my blog so I think they will look good On here:D. Ugh I can't wait till spring brake. So much I need to do this week. I'm getting my bottom braces on.. which sucks.. But On a good note spring brake is in less than 4 days AND my Birthday is on the 5th of april! I can't wait. Taste The Dopeness will be up and running soon. So Get ready for a preview. I think My next post will be the Q&A day then following the contest. I have the Contest Idea already... :D

March 22, 2010

My chick bad

Vogue Russia April 2010 | Naomi Campbell:

March 21, 2010

Blog intro( PT1)

Blog Intro:
Hope you enjoy. I need to upload it to youtube now and put it on the side of my blog.
Stick around for Q&A day and The contest.
Happy Birthday Diggy.

March 20, 2010

Dope Or Not?

Zub Zirc np 20 | Nooka Watches Spring 2010:

March 19, 2010


The reason why I haven't been on my grind lately is because I've been pretty busy with school work... BUT I'm glad to say I'll be back on my grind ASAP. This blog is Under construction meaning I'm getting a new header(YES I change Mine a lot) This header is going to bring a more spring feel. Also I'm changing the colors to my blog to a more spring/summer feel. New photos and new video. I hope I can put this out soon. I'm aiming for Sometime by the end of tomorrow depending on when I get my photo taken.. ALSO Some photos I will put on Lookbook. Please Hype it for me. Once again sorry for those that are into my blog. Stay with me and I won't disappoint you!
So I leave you with some pix of my last few days lol:

March 16, 2010

Center of the $t∆ge

I absolutely Love these boots and heals that are in these photo's. I think MalibuMara would Like this post.. So this goes out to you and all you fashionable girls.
Freja Beha Erichsen By Patrick Demarchelier | UK Vogue

March 15, 2010


FINALLY I've found another good rapper..! His music is so different from the rap we are all used to..
His music you can just sit back and relax too!
Theophilus London(Remember Back to My early Post with Complex):

I'm loving all of his music so far.. I'm still doing my research on him.. Trying to find out who inspired him and all that lol. Here's one of his video's.. He has that Kid Cudi Flow. But I still LOVE his music. Just a heads up This video Is kinda Different:
Also Check out my interview xD: LINK
I have an idea for a post IF I get 500 Followers. We are at 465. Not to much to go... I hope I reach it there.

March 14, 2010

Promo Video:

Taste The Dopeness from Jevon on Vimeo.

Stay tuned!

March 13, 2010

Dope Or Not?

Robert Geller 2010 Spring/Summer "David" Frames:

Trust is like a mirror, You can fix it if its broke... but you can still see the crack in that Motha Fucking Reflection.

Yo, whats good my 462 followers :D. we are almost at 500.. and if i get to 500 I will dedicate that post to you! But this is about the up coming Online magazine called "Taste The Dopeness."
As you saw on Kyri's blog he put out his promo video of it. Coming up I will drop my promo video right here on my blog. So stay tuned to that. I want to share with you when we are planing on Dropping it Which will be around April 2010.(Online magazine) #RANDOMFACT My birthday is APRIL 5th! wish me a happy birthday :D. And I think Diggy's birthday is near the end of march lol. Wish him a happy birthday as well... Umm now I'm just going on and on. Well I think i need to step up my blog a lil bit. Do you agree lol? I just got back from a party and its like 1:19AM and I'm still in the mood to party. I think I might be going out tomorrow... I hopee lol. Umm I'll give you another #Randomfact... well I would want to some day get 50 comments daily on a post :D. and reach 500 Followers. I hope that happens sooner or later. Also I want to DJ more and maybe one day DJ at a party :D. I'm about to go now.... Just wanted to share that with you all... OH
DID yall see that Telephone video... DAMN. I love the fashion in that shitt... Like this:

There was one I really liked, which was when she was first walking in and she had the black and white dress thing on. that was HOT.
Honey B is my Fav :D

March 10, 2010

Roger That

Fudge April 2010 | Marko Brozic & Juan By Ishida Shohei:

March 9, 2010


For Some reason I've been really busy. Busy with School work, and other work.
I'm straight beat right now lol as in Tired. I'm still doing homework lol...
Enjoy the mini Video.

March 2, 2010


Swim Suite Collection... Lol
Hey everyone. Just wanted to show you what I've been working on again lol.
The next step is coming up with a tittle for this...
=/ Idk what haha. Its hard drawing the opposite sex for the first time and make it look "right"
I suck at drawing but I'm trying to do better :]
Im so stressed out for a number of reasons but I'm going to keep my head uppp...
hope everyone is doing well.

March 1, 2010


This is one good ass song!
I used to Love HER Remix:
Just BLAST this ish...
I'm going to take a bloggers Brake ha, I'll be back soon..
Till then...