September 5, 2010


(Shout out to all the international readers)
Hey, What's going on everyone? Sorry for the on and off posts lately =/ Again I've just been busy with relaxing when I can, enjoying the last few days of my summer and mainly and most importantly Valor Candy. I'll take a few seconds and talk about that!! Only if your interested.... :P 
Well First: Valor Candy WILL be hitting stores... I'm hoping mid-September-ish so be on the look out if your in the Brooklyn area. Also for those that are not It will still be Online :P
Right now I'm working on some packaging for the product and I have a really dope idea. I don't want to give that away lol. It's like 11:35PM and I'm rocking my watch now as I type this lol bc I just got in form seeing some friends :]. Also... Another thing about Valor Candy is I've got some new colors. Again.. I'm not going to give that away so just be on the look out haha. Umm...
#Random: Shout out to my blog fam!!
1. Tamara 
2. Kyri
3. Justin 
And all my bloggers I chat with :]
hmm.. I'm not sure what else to say so here is a random photo I really like: 


Harry Swag said...

Yeah I keep on checking my stats
How do you put that image in your post
Keep up the good work bro

esther said...

congratulations :D
your sales are gonna be BIIIG

Justin said...

Thanks for the s/o homie :)

MalibuMara said...

thank you!
great for valor candy!!
and LOL this is a really random post

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

Congrats, on the great stats! lol i'm the girl u just saw in soho at fashion night out, i just lost your friends blog name with the gold necklace, may u give me his blog again please!

John Panichella said...

I just saw you commented on my blog! Thanks for stopping by. Oh and congrats on your watches there pretty cool. I might have to get one soon and wear it to an event =].