September 28, 2010

You already know.. I think I'm big Meech

Previously, The first batch of Valor Candy watches was shipped over to Los Angles California to be promoted by a good friend of ours Charles Fyffe! Make sure you check out his clothing brand AGL which just dropped a new Fall collection. If your not familiar with Charles he was one of the speakers at the Kidult Conference over the summer. Also I hope your ready for the drop of Valor Candy. Something that is coming up is the release party which should be going down at The Wagon. Sorry for the lack of posts! Been extra busy! So Make sure you check out my new website (Find it on the right side of the blog) Also check out AGL: Click HERE

September 23, 2010

Wearable Art


September 19, 2010

Take My Hand

Valor Candy | 2010
Here is one of the photos of the last photo shoot. Shout out to Ryan Tapp for these WONDERFUL photos! The lookbook is coming along really well and this will be one of the pages for it. This is just the raw photo of it. So this is just an update on what I hope to change the watch game lol. I really LOVE this pic though lol, Shout out to my Friend Connie for helping me :] lol. 
Stay tuned for more info. 

September 18, 2010


Valor Candy Ad | 2010 


September 12, 2010

Show me a good Time


Go Brooklyn



So we do it how we do it

Fashion Night out/ Adeen pop shop, Fashion show | 2010

September 7, 2010

Lesson one: How to be a bad Bit*h

This had me rolling. BTW First day of school was so good. I love my classes.
Senior YEAR :D

September 5, 2010


(Shout out to all the international readers)
Hey, What's going on everyone? Sorry for the on and off posts lately =/ Again I've just been busy with relaxing when I can, enjoying the last few days of my summer and mainly and most importantly Valor Candy. I'll take a few seconds and talk about that!! Only if your interested.... :P 
Well First: Valor Candy WILL be hitting stores... I'm hoping mid-September-ish so be on the look out if your in the Brooklyn area. Also for those that are not It will still be Online :P
Right now I'm working on some packaging for the product and I have a really dope idea. I don't want to give that away lol. It's like 11:35PM and I'm rocking my watch now as I type this lol bc I just got in form seeing some friends :]. Also... Another thing about Valor Candy is I've got some new colors. Again.. I'm not going to give that away so just be on the look out haha. Umm...
#Random: Shout out to my blog fam!!
1. Tamara 
2. Kyri
3. Justin 
And all my bloggers I chat with :]
hmm.. I'm not sure what else to say so here is a random photo I really like: 

September 1, 2010

Rock gold teeth with Fangs

Aris Schwabe & Michael Kulu by Jason Mickle | Frasco