November 29, 2009

Make me

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And I thought she was my Biggest Fan

ALmost at 290 FOLLOWERs haha, Check out this look book for men, and theres also one for Women, but i will give you the site for that one. I am in love with this look. If they made these in my size I would Deff rock them. Because one it would be different from what everyone else is wearing and two I think its just dope. =] Take a look:

LINK Check out some more Lookbooks for Men and Women HERE
Check this kid out.. HE is amazing. wanna know more info go HERE.. and listen to his song right HERE

November 28, 2009

Let me Know

Hey guys and girls, whatsup? I just have a question for you all..
What would you like to see more of on my blog? What suggestions do you guys have to make this blog more creative and all?
Let me know in the comments below.. =]
I've been so busy and I have not put any sketches up in a while, Heres an old one with color.
I have a new name but i think i might keep it to myself for a little while, Im going to do more shoe sketches for a little while so be on the look out =D.
(The brand i am aiming for is Not just called candy)
Tell me what you think.
Heal Combined with Hightop shoe:(for the Ladies)
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November 27, 2009

This is what happens when your Bored

Hey everyone hope all is well.. Im so tired =[ SO much work over the week, hope everyone had a safe and nice black friday, and most important a good thanksgiving yesterday...
I just wanted to update you on me.. Tomorrows my last day at my job, This is because im starting this thing to build up my portfolio for college, also Im taking this fashion class too there =D.
To add to that in my normal school i have so many art Projects due, the painting project i have to do, and these face paintings of ourselfs. and i have a chem project.. this is all DUE on monday =[ this is me below like no lie
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and this is what happens when you get bored.. =[
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(thats the side of my bed, I doodled on it haha.)
And here is some progress on my art project.
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Hope you like. And if you didn't hear already Diggys Mixtape will be up and ready Dec. 2nd..
Follow me on twitter if you haven't already.
Pce&Love yall
As you can see from the first pic I am like dead, about to fall asleep haha..
Have a nice night guys and gals..
288 FOLLOWERS we almost at 300 =]

November 25, 2009

Microphone MURDERER!!

Iight, so while we get hyped for THE FIRST FLIGHT by Yah boy Diggy.. I think we should give it up to BIGGIE and really take a moment to understand and look at what a ground setter Biggie was to this Rap game.. Although Pac is my fav, Actually I can't even pick between pac and Big.. But lets just say They high levels in my views.. and I was reading some comments and someone said they were just the greatest of their times.. BUT NO they are the greatest of all time.. I mean come on, WHO do you know that can make a track in 98' and still be hot in 09...? No1.. Not wayne, Not Drake non of these cats can duplicate their swag.. Don't get me wrong im not calling shots at Wayne or Drake, But on the real they are like little Preschoolers matched too a College student ahah.. I know you love my Metaphor =P. Anywho check out this Track by BIG, and then listen to this song By Kiss.. TELL me if that track by Kiss don't bring you chills. I remember when i used to play dat song all da time and it would have me like damn, and it still does(Track by Kiss)

Check out Microphone Murderer, SONG that made him who he is:

Song By KISS:
ENJOY =] Happy almost thanksgiving guys and girls.. hope you all have a good day, BE thankful for the food your getting because there's some people out there with out it.. be aware of that.
CHECK out this BLOG Right HERE
Help him out..!

November 24, 2009

Taste the Mind

Hey everyone, How have you guys been... Me BUSY as hell.. From working on art projects.. to starting to already look at colleges....
THANKSGIVING is soon, which means black Friday is right after it!! =D...
I need to go shopping to relieve some stress I've been having haha.. I've been sketching a lot.. but not clothing.. Im going to work on shoes until i can get my point across to some people, and hopefully i can do so.. so wish me luck, I noticed i have 285 followers today and we almost at 300.. SO to my new followers please PLEASE tell more people about me and this blog..
Im ready to change the world with my fashion, and my ideas and my creativity... Im not sure if many of you experienced this but have you ever been so close to something you can almost peek your head over the obstacle and see over what lies ahead of you? Thats me right now.. Im so close to achieving my goal in life this early that I can already taste it aha.. its up to you guys to make it happen for me because if you can get my name out, Mention me to your friends.. and then there friends friends maybe.. JUST maybe someone big will come find me and fashion will see a change.. Who knows.. I could be one of the Greatest...
Hope all is well i just wanted to update you guys and let you know im fine xD.
AND thanks for my new Followers.

November 21, 2009

Dope or Not?

Nixon watch...
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The new winter Diesel watch...
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Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, check out my other interview :D show some love on it...
Check it HERE
Hope all is well.. Pce&Love

November 17, 2009

Get a Taste of this

So here is my painting i've been working on, Its not all that grate. Take a loook =D. i should be done in about a week or two

(on the left is my PAINTING, RIGHT is the idea.)
Hope all is well =D. Taste the mind soon, I got some stuff to tell..
LEAVE your thoughts about this and tell me how i can improve...
The First flight is coming out soon. Black FRIADY

November 16, 2009

Money you miss me DONT you?

There is just something about this that gives off such a succinct look and feel for this....
SPRING/SUMMER 2010 Shot by Akio and Styled By the Fresh Yasuhiro Takehsa
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Hope all is well Pce&Love... CHECK out the interview, Links in my below post


Check it out HERE
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Hope all is well.. Pce&Love

November 15, 2009

SPAZZ if you Want too

DAMN i had to post this as soon as i got home.. I can't wait till this comes on.... CHeck out out for youself.. and if your a N*E*R*D fan, then you can already tell from the tittle of this post its about them =D

MTV Diary of... N.E.R.D from Adrian Hylton on Vimeo.

My girlfriends jealous cuz I talk about you 24/7

Hey whatsgood yall? Hope your enjoying the new look of the blog haha.THis is the type of look i want to go for with my line.. Still deciding on names because everytime i come up with one it seems like someone else has it.. My last one was Vegor, and I've looked at my followers on twitter and someone's display name is vegor. I was pissed lol. BUT anywho check out one of my new fav brands Humor:

Click HERE for more info.

November 14, 2009

WALK walk FASHION baby!

So whatsgood everyone? I just wanted to give you guys my look of the winter. Just a little taste =]. ALL of the sweaters are from H&M. I love that store =D.

Hope you guys like the looks =] and also hope you like the look of the new blog..
Idk why but everytime im on this site i just feel well known. ONE day trust me. My face well be around the city, around the world maybe...
THANKS for everyone that is following the blog. Keep it up, and keep the comments coming.
Check this blog out:
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November 13, 2009

Gaga oooh LALA(WINNER!!)

IIGHT soo whatsgood everyone? Long time we chatted haha... HOW are you guys?
well im good. IvE got the winner of the contest.. the Reason why i am picking this person because its really meaning full. It can be looked upon in different ways.. Throughout the past few weeks I've been feeling depressed about some things, But this gave me the confidence to keep my head up.. SO congrats to you DCJAXN!
About your blog. One I would like to say, YOUR defiantly putting the right foot forward into this blogging game. Although you may not have as much followers as you might want, Within time you are going to sky rocket into thousands of followers if you keep it up, ANd im not Just saying that.. Im going to keep it 100% on here. Two I love that i can check out the latest new vids up on his blog, I NEVER knew there was a remix to Im good by The clips. When you check his blog out watch his vid if you haven't yet. and Finally he's up to date on everything, Shoes, Toys, Fashion anything you can think of... Check his blog out right here --->DOPEE Thanks everyone that entered. I love Everything you guys put in.. and I love the Joker one that must have took mad time.. COngrats on that.. and To Nnamz I love your fashion sense and Ideas.
TO my NEW followers.. Get ready because now i really need to step it up a little more=D.
soon you will see a new look, and a new section, Of my outfits of the week or whatever.. still thinking on that haha.. WELL thanks for following KEEP it up
Its yah Boy Jevon.. aka KiD Fresh.. Signing off
Heres a Preview below on MY personal look of the winter. I will make a more detailed post with more pix + Taste The Mind section coming up too =D:
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November 11, 2009

AND the top 3 is...

This was hard to chose.. and may i say That new lady gaga vid Bad Romance is amazing.. I love her. Her style is amazing..
ANywho it was hard to pick this time.. one because a lot of them where good. two not many entered haha..
Well I'll shut up because Im not in the best of moods today..
heres the top three: BTW these aren't in any order of best to less best.
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Now its up to you to pick the winner..
ALL of who entered was pretty well done. Good job to everyone, and thanks For the new ppl that are following my blog.

November 9, 2009

We taking off(Pt.3)

WINNER WILL BE PICKED SOON =D. I will let you know when that will be.
Hope everyone is fine.. Im sure as hell aren't =[ But i will be fine hopefully..
ENTER BELOW! BTW.. i saw some really good art work from you guys.. Keep it up.
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November 6, 2009

Aint Nothing wrong with Dancing

Hey you guys, I just wanted to take a brake from the Contest and give you guys a little something.
BTW ENTERING STOPS THE 10th! Keep on going...! on the 10th Send me your finished Art work...
Check out this vid of me =D

November 5, 2009

WE taking off(Pt.2)

I know my voice still hasn't fully recovered, But I just wanted to try something new instead of typing it this time..
This vid is just to clear up anything you guys asked...
Thanks everyone. Please Enter =]...
Got a question...? Leave it in the comments and i will get back to you.

November 4, 2009

New Header

So, I have a new header and i wanted some feedback, Should i go back to the old one?
Or do you like this one above :D... let me know
and Also Im starting the contest tomorrow so get ready=] The dead line will be Nov. 10th

So To conclude this post tell me what you think of the new header, Vs the Old one
Feel free to drop questions about the contest.

Heres the old one:
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November 3, 2009

WE taking off(Pt.1)

Okay so its official. but first i would like to say Please if you have a blackberry add me :D. I need some new contacts heres my pin: 30ed7733 <-- Get at it :D.
Anywho back to what i wanted to say, today is going to be Day 1 of the 2nd contest I am holding.
The theme this time Is to design ANYTHING, Fashion Or just plain old unique Art, Only rule is I need a pic of it, and it has to be by you. I Haven't decided on a dead line but this is just basically a head count of who is in on this, Once you Join I advise you to start if you have the time too... If you remember from my last Contest It was down to the top 3 and then the one who you thought was the best was chosen by you guys. The Winner will be promoted on my blog, This is a good way to give my blog more hype and I can share to my followers on how good your blog is if you win :D. So.. Here is an example of what art work i did, (This is old and If You remember i posted this a while back, its just an Example)
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So again, this is Day one, Comment below if your in on the contest and start Sketching!
if i get about 20 Comments from you guys that say your in on this then I will Post the next step, Till then Pce&Love

November 1, 2009


Iight so im thinking of having another fashion sketch contest...
My question is would you guys be willing to enter it? What can i do to make it better this time..
I know give more time ha. Share your feedback and please let me know if i should do this contest or not.
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So im pretty bored so I came up with this idea to do an post on the top 3 thins I NEED to go on with my day... in the comments tell me whats yours :D.

If im tight with you who knows maybe i will give you my number haha.
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2. ONE of my word rings...
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3.Lastly my ipod :D
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So tell me whats your top 3 items you can't go without..