November 27, 2009

This is what happens when your Bored

Hey everyone hope all is well.. Im so tired =[ SO much work over the week, hope everyone had a safe and nice black friday, and most important a good thanksgiving yesterday...
I just wanted to update you on me.. Tomorrows my last day at my job, This is because im starting this thing to build up my portfolio for college, also Im taking this fashion class too there =D.
To add to that in my normal school i have so many art Projects due, the painting project i have to do, and these face paintings of ourselfs. and i have a chem project.. this is all DUE on monday =[ this is me below like no lie
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and this is what happens when you get bored.. =[
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(thats the side of my bed, I doodled on it haha.)
And here is some progress on my art project.
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Hope you like. And if you didn't hear already Diggys Mixtape will be up and ready Dec. 2nd..
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Pce&Love yall
As you can see from the first pic I am like dead, about to fall asleep haha..
Have a nice night guys and gals..
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Neesh B Fly said...

Love the art Work Jevon..Yeah i heard a track it was pretty good

check out my other blog

Dcjaxn said...

lol. Nice art project.

iOriginal said...

nice post
your really connected to your work
what grade are you in?

fatah fattah said...

Hee deffinatly can see that you're tired :P
Hope you do well Pce

Jevon said...

iOriginal Im a JR in High School

deron said...

i c u rock the prisma markers there hot fire awsome for graffiti


Whoa you're lucky you have Chem as a Jr. lol because @ my school we're required 2 take Honors Chem as Sophomores. =/
I just finished taking Chem, & I'm relieved I survived it--even w/ a C+ lol...

-I Hope everything went great w/ all that work, it's looking pretty good!