November 14, 2009

WALK walk FASHION baby!

So whatsgood everyone? I just wanted to give you guys my look of the winter. Just a little taste =]. ALL of the sweaters are from H&M. I love that store =D.

Hope you guys like the looks =] and also hope you like the look of the new blog..
Idk why but everytime im on this site i just feel well known. ONE day trust me. My face well be around the city, around the world maybe...
THANKS for everyone that is following the blog. Keep it up, and keep the comments coming.
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K.Brown said...

Basically, the looks are dope thats all i can say is DOPE

stay looking extra fly lol

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Mychael said...

yo jevon dope blog can u make a whole nother post talkin bout my blog thx

Jevon said...

thanks guys =D. It means a lot. K. Brown your blog is dope like No lie

K.Brown said...

thanks a lot Jevon that means a lot to me because im just starting out. my first post was a week ago today lol. thats like diggy saying that to you thats how big it is thanks

stay fly Jevon

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Missie said...

I am totally in love with H&M.
It must be freezing in New York haha.
The 1st one is my favorite.
I agree with K.Brown pretty dope:)

Jevon said...

Haha thanks Missie, it is pretty cold up here at times haha,
and K. Brown, WOW man thats a big feeling for me when diggy says that to me, I never thought id give the same feeling haha. But on the real your blog is well put together keep it up

Mychael said...

i posted bout you

HipHopCulture said...

H&M is good for certain clothing I reckon. I gree with jumpers. There not that much and keep ya warm in the winter. Dope new layout jevon anyways


AlexanderCook said...

i got those silver Osiris