November 29, 2009

Make me

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Starsky said...

I love Janet. She doesn't dance as much as she used to but it was still a cool video and a nice song. Great post Jevon.

kidpaul said...

Damn Jevon, thanks for posting this. Just reminded me about this song. Gonna go jam to some Janet & Michael Jackson now :D
And do you have AIM?

Nnamz said...

Janet is an icon
I disagree about her career ever going dwn the drain
She is still one of the best female singers and dancers

where u been jevon
What's good

Jevon said...

Ha Nnamz i was about to say the same about you. Where have you been at haha.
Im good and u?

amelia said...

hey jevon

amelia said...

i wish to hear d the song but for some reason my computer is not receiving sounds from the internet

fatah fattah said...

I love how Janet stays strong after the dieing of Micheal [R.I.P]
It just give a good feeling that good people still exxist :P

Nnamz said...

just chilling
school nd stuff
its crazy out here mann

Melisha said...

ay i was wondering if u could check out the latestest post on my blog. think u might like it. if u dont know who this is im melisha. i used to comment on ur blog a lot then i got the laptop taken away. by the way love ur blog it still looks dope

JUSTIN said...

damn i love this song and i love the vid!