November 13, 2009

Gaga oooh LALA(WINNER!!)

IIGHT soo whatsgood everyone? Long time we chatted haha... HOW are you guys?
well im good. IvE got the winner of the contest.. the Reason why i am picking this person because its really meaning full. It can be looked upon in different ways.. Throughout the past few weeks I've been feeling depressed about some things, But this gave me the confidence to keep my head up.. SO congrats to you DCJAXN!
About your blog. One I would like to say, YOUR defiantly putting the right foot forward into this blogging game. Although you may not have as much followers as you might want, Within time you are going to sky rocket into thousands of followers if you keep it up, ANd im not Just saying that.. Im going to keep it 100% on here. Two I love that i can check out the latest new vids up on his blog, I NEVER knew there was a remix to Im good by The clips. When you check his blog out watch his vid if you haven't yet. and Finally he's up to date on everything, Shoes, Toys, Fashion anything you can think of... Check his blog out right here --->DOPEE Thanks everyone that entered. I love Everything you guys put in.. and I love the Joker one that must have took mad time.. COngrats on that.. and To Nnamz I love your fashion sense and Ideas.
TO my NEW followers.. Get ready because now i really need to step it up a little more=D.
soon you will see a new look, and a new section, Of my outfits of the week or whatever.. still thinking on that haha.. WELL thanks for following KEEP it up
Its yah Boy Jevon.. aka KiD Fresh.. Signing off
Heres a Preview below on MY personal look of the winter. I will make a more detailed post with more pix + Taste The Mind section coming up too =D:
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K.Brown said...

Whats poppin Jevon, Im glad you went with the work DCJAXN did, im also looking forward to the change in the blog.

Stay fly

K.Brown said...

ight digging the new layout

stay fly KiD Fresh

Missie said...

Nice choice:).
Honestly I would have picked
him too! it was so different for the norm.
It must make you feel good that he took out the time and sketched that for your contest.
And it did pretty well:D.
Congrats DCJAXN.

Nice new layout it really brings out the blog XD.

HipHopCulture said...

new layout dope

Jevon said...

Haha thanks everyone =D. Im feeling the new look too hahaha

fatah fattah said...

Congratz to Dcjaxn!

and dope outfit

Dcjaxn said...

Thanks for the complement. Nice new layout

crowned king music said...

i think his blog is dope also.

Jevon said...

YEAH guys follow his blog!!

Jevon said...

and DID you guys notice the new change haha?