February 28, 2010

The Motivation for me, I$ them telling me what I could not be...

Roberto Cavalli Class Spring 2010 Campaign:

February 27, 2010

Flashing Lights

Hey whatsup everyone. Thanks to those that stick by me and enjoy what I do.. xD. Today I was pretty bored so I decided to take a few photos around my house and outside:

February 26, 2010

Internet Gangsta

Down Under Bridge | Ash Stymest by Wataru:

February 25, 2010

You are So D☮PE

Raf by Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2010 Collection:
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February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010

Should have known they were plastic like GI Joe's

HERE are my personal favorite shoes for spring for men this session... I will put out a women's one too lol. I don't want to seem sexist. :P So my next post will be all about the ladies.

Any low top Polos or Vans!

Mors Artic Fish Leather Fall/Winter 2010:

February 22, 2010

Give it to me baby Like BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Hey everyone! Hope you like the new looks to the blog haha..
I just wanted to show you a quick sketch I did today... Its a new logo:
ALSO. I've came up with a good post for today going into tomorrow or so..
After watching the show "The Buried Life" which is about a group of young adults doing a list of things they would do before they die. So I thought to myself why don't I make a list of my top 7 things I want to ACCOMPLISH/DO before I die.
My list includes.....

February 21, 2010

Cold Pillow Tonight

WOW this video was amazing. When I saw it I had to post it up on here.
One because I love the fashion in this and two the music is grate! Two thumbs up...
Be inspired:
I really hope you all like my new header. I've worked hard on it lol.
Tell me the feedback in the comments below please.
If you liked the video Check this out

Chase Your Dreams

First off I would like to say, sorry about the last post lol... I was just wondering why my comments have dropped, but don't get me wrong... I don't base my blog on that. I like to show people my style, things I am into and all that good stuff. Comments just let me know you guys are still reading and interested. I herd on Project Runway on one eps that it takes someone 8 seconds for someone to pick a magazine out of a rack(Based on looking at the cover). I say this because I'm sure the same rules apply when checking out someone's blog and if you would comment it would mean you like what they are doing. So to all those that comment thank you so much for sticking by me.. :] Again sorry about that last post. AND I also most always go to everyone's blog that asks me to and I comment.
In this post I will show you all the Lookbook photos I took yesterday. As some of you may know you can only post one Photo at a time. So here is what you didn't see:

February 20, 2010

Taste The Mind

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is doing well...
First off I would like to say is to everyone that is anticipating the Blog Collaboration with Kyri and myself we decided to push it back. HOWEVER we are working hard on it. Kyri has showed me the header he worked on and its AMAZING! And I already have my idea for the first post which will include someone you guys might know... I will give you a little information and its similar to a magazine. Thats all I will share till we drop it. Seconded I would like to say I am working more on my lookbook.nu. I remember whenever I would talk to Dig he would ask me am I still working on that lol so this one's for you. I will drop that sometime tomorrow. Also Be on the look out for Young Crafters on monday. Stay updated on twitter. Another thing I want to say is Im really upset my comments have gone down. And Im not getting anymore followers lol, Im wondering if I am doing something wrong, or you guys just aren't interested in my blog anymore? Please tell me... I remember when I used to get 20+ Comments on a post and just seeing that made me continue my blog no lie. Its because of you all I still blog xD. So I hope my comments come back up soon. Lastly I just want to say is I AM READY for spring, I love spring so much.. the weather... the fashion... even school seems more fun when spring rolls around. Lol. I can't believe that I am already looking at colleges...(SORRY I AM JUMPING AROUDN LOL) Im a New Yorker so I am looking to go to F.I.T. Or the New school Parsons School Of Design which is always on the show I LOVE Project Runway. Parsons is really hard to get into but I'm not going to let that stop me from trying. xD. Hope everyone is doing well and Let me know if your still liking the blog... I work hard at it, as in designing EVERYTHING You see on it so it would mean a lot if you share your thoughts and keep it on the real. AND make sure you HYPE my look tomorrow :D, and Digs on monday.


February 19, 2010

"Don't be surprised by the emergence of undiscovered talents!"

So what's good everyone? I know this may not sound good, (GOOD as in QUALITY) But His lyrical flow is pretty nice for a kid his age. "Only 14 with a load of big dreams" Said by Diggy is also playing into context with Max Aka EmGT. This is a sample of what we did today. I only wish we had a studio to actually recored it in, rather than doing it the ghetto way as in trying to recored this into the MacBook Mic lol. Hope you enjoy. Make SURE you read the Lyrics(Click Read more for Video):

February 18, 2010

Taste The Mind

Yo what's good everyone?
Sorry I haven't posted much or been up on the NYFW for you all.. But I've just been chillin with my cousin this week because I have off. He's been working on this rap that he's writing.
He's about 14 and has some skills lol.
Anyway. Just wanted to let you all know Im fine, and I will be back on the grind ASAP.
Be sure to be on the Look out with Young Crafters.
Sorry this was short. But I just wanted to tell you I'm doing fine.

February 16, 2010

Still Hard to see me like the truth on TV.(NYFW Pt. 4)

NYFW | Perry Ellis Fall 2010:
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February 15, 2010


Get Ready for a partner up with my boy....

Im here to make dreams to reality(NYFW Pt. 3)

NYFW Antonio Azzuolo:

February 14, 2010

So Fresh, So Clean(NYFW Pt. 2)

One of my new Favorites Yigal Azrouel's Fall 2010 Runway:
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February 11, 2010

Rude Boy(NYFW Pt. 1)

You learn something new everyday... If your as into fashion as me you prob look around and try to find someone new to look at.. Here I've found Yigal Azrouel... Check out the Pics as He and his models get ready for Fashion week.
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February 9, 2010

Not all about Fashion here.

This is something I love to do in the summer, Because in winter Its hard to Rollerblade lol.
Im not as good as these ppl but...Im on my way lol :D. Im trying to get new blades for My birthday. So check this video out. ENJOY
Ahh this Video makes me want to go skate! To bad there's this snow storm coming.
I can't wait to get back into this. RANDOM FACT: Skateboarding or Rollerblading helps ride my bad emotions like feeling sad or mad or what ever. it cheers me up =]

February 7, 2010

This is why i love SPRING!

Another Tom Ford look. Spring 2010:
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February 6, 2010

Better Have a Gat or Bat to defeat me

Tom Ford Eye wear 2010 Spring/Summer :

February 4, 2010

A Star is born(INTERVIEW with....)

Yo whats good everyone? Hope all is well... I've got the biggest opportunity which was to interview the one who gave you "The First Flight", the most ambitious, hard working fashionable 14 year old kid out there right now... No other than Diggy Simmons. This is a Taste The Candy Exclusive.. So enjoy the interview.. Sit back and take notes :D.

See you in my nightmares

VC(Valor Candy) 2010 Spring/Summer(Sketches):
I know the Face isn't done... Im working on it :P

February 1, 2010

Tell me what its all for...

So this is just a post about others and myself... First I wanted to post this:
THIS kid is amazing.... I've been listing to his music for a while now.
He goes by the name of Lyrix.
Check out his music HERE. He is on the grind right now Like I am with my fashion and all that. This dude trying to make a name out of himself BY himself... So check him out.. It would mean a lot. You wont be disappointed. So do me a huge favor and check him out. I personally don't know him but Like I said this dude is On his G-R-I-N-D :D haha.
How ever now I would like to do the top 7 things that I love about myself thanks to MalibuMara :D