February 4, 2010

A Star is born(INTERVIEW with....)

Yo whats good everyone? Hope all is well... I've got the biggest opportunity which was to interview the one who gave you "The First Flight", the most ambitious, hard working fashionable 14 year old kid out there right now... No other than Diggy Simmons. This is a Taste The Candy Exclusive.. So enjoy the interview.. Sit back and take notes :D.

Q: So, With all the Positive feedback and success on the First Flight Mixtape, What are your plans for 2010? Anymore Mixtapes for you? Is fashion design still something on your mind?

A: Music wise, I'm still going hard right now releasing tracks, doing promo etc. and fashion wise of course it's still on my mind. I love both fashion and music equally. And fashion wise, right now I'm working on my sneaker line Chivalrous Culture set to release back to school. And I have my new movement I just started called "Young Crafters" which you could check out HERE which I'm doing along with 15 year old stylist and designer Jovany Perez, and also 14 year old fashion tastemaker and of Lyna Zerrouki. That's going really well getting co-signs from the likes Taz Arnold and Pharrell Williams. We have a photo shoot coming out for it by the end of this month or early march so be on the look out!

Q: I’ve notice personally a lot of the same people comment daily on your blog “Life Of the Jet Setter” Can you say you developed any friendships off of it, If so how did you aware yourself they were real and true?

A: Yeah, through talking to people in the comments and getting to see their blogs and who they are through there creative work is great. What I love even more though are the relationships created with the commenters and subscribers of my blog it's more then a blog I just concluded it's became a community, of kids that share what they love doing whether it's fashion or music or art etc. it's one of the AMAZING things to see especially because it's young people doing it.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration and why? What inspired you to get into the rap game knowing Lupe and many others such as Andre 3000 and Q-tip are your favorites why did you decide to show off your spitting game to the world? What did you want to “prove.” Or was it just for fun?

A: Inspiration wise in hip hop you definitely have it down my favorite is Lupe then I'm inspired by Mos Def, Andre 3 G's, Q-tip as well as A tribe called quest, and many others man. And through The First Flight I was showing my capability that this is what I do for real and I CAN. And I mean of course everything I do is out of fun but if you mean if it's my career choice YES. I'm a fashion designer a Music artist and much more within those categories.

Q: After seeing some of the comments on “Datpiff.com” of your mixtape some people say your better than your brother Jojo, Do you agree with this? Or is it just different styles of rap in your eyes?

A: Different styles of Hip Hop but he's been doing it longer then me because he's older.

Q: I’ve grew up watching you on runs house and you have always been my favorite for some reason, Do you think your attitude has changed from the first session of Runs house to now? If so, in what ways?

A: No, and if your referring to how I act on Ustream, I've just grown up a lot man the last season of Run's House. So if there's another season it'll be the same DIggy just more mature and grown up.

Q: Im a young inspiring fashion designer and such and MANY of your followers to your blog and fans of yours could relate, what are some encouraging words or advice you would like to say to your fans and myself to turn their dreams to reality? What would be the right path to success?

A: Honestly if you have a blog that's a great way to be discovered, networking with other influential people in fashion is also very important as well.

Q: What is your true meaning of success, Do you base it on the commercial definition as in material items, Or dreams being achieved?

A: Listen to my track "What's it all for" feat. Neako I quote, "It seems like we're losing the definition of success this is something we're supposed to set you should know if you made it yet". Saying there is NO definition it's what you want it to be not 10 Grammy's not 10 car's not 10 houses, and if that's your definition then it is! And if your definition is two kids a wife a golden retriever and picket fence then that is too! It's up to you.

Q: Maybe its just me, but do you feel the younger generation is taking over? For example, you and your mixtape is sweeping twitter and your blog, Your new single with Khalil(Be my baby) and your smash hit off the mixtape Make you mine Ft lil Twist and Lil Gavin. I myself can say I am contributing with my blog and many others at a young age, Do you agree that the younger generation is taking over?


Q: Many people would love to get to know the real you and such, What are some of the things you like to do for fun or on your free time? Are there any other hidden talents your going to bust out soon?

A: I collect designer and art toys.

Q: On the “Gotta make it” Outro of our mixtape you say “The ignorance on every comment on each blog, He’s a rich kid why he rapping he don’t need a job” How do you feel when your true fans back you up and telling them “Dig goes through struggles just like every other kid would” or something along those lines. Because I know there are 98% of people who are going to back you up on your blog, How do you feel when they back you up when they don’t even know you all that well?


There you have it boys and girls.. Thank you Dig for this wonderful interview... Send your feedback everyone in the comments.

- Interview by Jevon Smith


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