August 4, 2010

Taste The Mind

So what's good everyone? First off I want to thank ALL the supporters so far of Valor Candy.
Like I'm getting this feeling in my heart that I've never felt before. I know I haven't yet made it to where I want to be, but I'm pretty proud of myself. (Not to sound full of myself.) But, part of me feels like Sh*t. Reason being is because... well put it like this imagine someone you wanted to support you on your time of need doesn't even recognize what your doing or care. How would you feel or take it?
Honestly I don't even know what to think...
But on the good note, the promoter in LA (He was at the Kidult Conference) Is doing a photo shoot on friday and he will be wearing my watches!
Also another good note, Two days ago I started a "Like" Page on Facebook for Valor Candy and its already at 123 likes. Thats pretty amazing in my eyes! haha.
Please stay with me while I put in my all to make these accessories perfect. This is my first collection so I want to make sure it has the correct advertisement/hype/acknowledgment before they go on sale. I hope you understand.
Expect it at the end of August or the begging of september. Right on time for back to school.
I'm feeling really good inside besides the fact I don't have the supporters I wish I had. But I guess I'll do it on my own.
I mean.. I already am. Lol.
I love you all. Thanks for supporting me.
I truly mean that.


Tommy The Fashionist said...

I support this man!!! Are you gonna do the contest

amelia said...

as far as i can c ur doing well

Sandy.'Tokyo'Davone said...

Keep your head up fam. Try not to worry about that person. It is his/her lost if they don't want to support you. & Congrats on the promoter dude wearing your watches. That's whats up.

Sandy.'Tokyo'Davone said...

Oooh Nice video too!

Jevon said...

Thanks man! means a lot : D. and you know what your right. I'll continue to do me and keep my head up

Beau said...

i'll definitely support u! valor candy is awesome :D

ROXY! said...


Fashion for the Senses said...

ill follow u if u follow me :)

Missie said...

I'd feel the same way if the person whom I thought would support me the whole way though just cut me off. I have actually had it happen, and it sucks. You're doing your thing are that's the important part. Congratulations on Valor Candy taking off!

lorine and wilglory said...

end of august ?september ?.lol.anticipated .dibs on the pink watch .aah

lorine and wilglory said...

end of august ?september ?.lol.anticipated .dibs on the pink watch .aah

Kiera said...

im definetly feeling this jevon
ur doing big things...and im loving it
i put u in the post i did yesterday..check it out if you want
keep doing what ur doing
much love