August 7, 2010

Oh Yeah, I'm doing me.

Zara | Fall 2010 Campaign

I'm getting one of these trench coats, can you guess which one? : ].
I love Zara, there's one in the city. Its funny how the one I want is in the campaign haha.
Valor Candy Update: Once the new spikes come in for VC I should be releasing it!
I hope you all cop one, I've been working hard on this!
OH and on the blog we hit over 50000 views yesterday I think, thats pretty big haha.
"Keep it going, theres no stoppin' it, this my year, my summer, my decade" -Drake


amelia said...

LOVE ALL of them but 4 sum reason i love 2nd one the most

Jevon said...

lol thats the one I'm getting : P