August 26, 2010

Replacement Girl

Marloes Horst | Jackie Spring/October 2010

Photo shoot today!! For my lookbook! I have some amazing news to share with you guys so stick with me for that haha.
Valor Candy is coming along really good so I can't wait to show you guys the final results. I've already sketched out the next season.


HipHopCulture said...

Great pictures and cant wait to see your new lookbook.

Harry Swag said...

Hey Jevon
When do you go back to school?

Jevon said...

Sept 7th sadly lol

Anonymous said...

lol your complainin, im in school at this very moment! and dope post. love how the blog is coming along. yo! come to my blong and checkthe lastest shirt out and tell me what you think

Harry Swag said...

Oh that's when I go back
Yeah sadly lol

Jevon said...

I'm sorry =/ School COULD be fun at times lol.
But yeah, I'm SOOO glad I get out in may this year :P

Harry Swag said...

Yeah feeling you dude
Can be fun every now and then

Harry Swag said...

Yeah I guess it is fun everynow and then

Tommy The Fashionist said...

Lucky man im already a week in to school, but i got out a week early

MalibuMara said...

looks cool,
and yay for good news :)