September 1, 2010

Rock gold teeth with Fangs

Aris Schwabe & Michael Kulu by Jason Mickle | Frasco 

I want that cardigan in the second photo! So dope, thats what caught my eye. lol
Sorry for the lack of blog posts, as you might have head... >.< Valor Candy will be in stores!!!
So I've been working on that lol, to think.. Its only been 2 months and I've came this far. Imagine in a year...
I'm back and I'll keep posting as I can :P.
UGH get this.. School is in 6 days. Starts the 7th for me =/
RIP Summer. Lol


esther said...

whoa. this is really different/creative :O

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

i like these pieces and i agree, the cardigan in the second pic is dope, and congrats again with valor candy!

JammyG said...

"Rock gold teeth with fangs 'cus thats what a mudaf*ckin monster do"
haha -I want that green blazer
Congratulations on gettin valor Candy in stores- this is only the beginning keep it up man!

Harry Swag said...

Thank you J
Better late than never

AP :D said...

i want to tell u this man: ur one of the more true inspirations on blogger. people say diggy is such an inspiration but, someone like u who doesnt come from much and just started out with a blog and is now selling his own line of watches, that just really makes me want to go harder and harder.
check out the back to school looks posted on my blog and follow if you like!

B-HOOD said...

love the swagga!come check my blog i know you would love it! HELLAHOOD.BLOGSPOT.COM

I always show some love to my peeps that peep the blog out!I will be following your blog as well!holla

Jevon said...

Thank you so much!!! :DD

Unique Fashion said...

I so love that second picture with the red and black and white !!! Nice blog and post

Nnamz said...

dope post bro!
the photo with the green jacket and red pants caught my eye!
and that black nd white striped jacket. .
so happy foryou on getting your watches in store in only 2months, thats a big step! i mean a huge step. COMES TO SHOW DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Jevon said...

Thanks man!
Dreams do come true! But not all my dreams have became my reality :P