September 12, 2010

So we do it how we do it

Fashion Night out/ Adeen pop shop, Fashion show | 2010


....OMG Karl Lagerfeld 

The amazing Andre leon Talley 

-This is when we saw Jay-Z, beyonce and Solange 
(You can kinda see Jay-Z in his Jeep just look closely)
(We were talking to one of the Drives and he said Don't take photos unless you ask... I could have taken an up close photo but I didn't want like his body guard to brake my camera lol)

Come get some ( | < ) 

I am so glad I went to the Street Wera Fashion week show. It was crazy, Kryi And I networked with a lot of people. Shout out to CocoandBreezy<3

I'll have a video coming soon, I just wanted to put these photos up :]. 
Hope everyone had a good time. 


Justin said...

Some dope ass and inspirational people lol Karl Lagerfeld is the man!! Seems like u had a blast! its dope, I like that jacket kyri is wearing in that first photo!

Harry Swag said...

You met Karl!
I wish I could of gone with you
Is the fashion night only for one night?

Danielle said...

awww looks like you had so much fun. congrats for meeting karl lagerfeld and andre leon tolley

Jevon said...

It was really fun, I still can't believe the people I've meet in a course of 2 days. lol

Jevon said...

@Harry Swag
Fashion night is the night that starts fashion week
So it's only one night

MalibuMara said...

looks dope,
karl looks bored haha
alt looks so casual
thats pretty cool

Jason laucht said...

ow!! u go man!

Jevon said...

lol thanks Tamara :]
and @Jason Laucht :P

Tommy said...

Looked like alot of fun man!

Harry Swag said...

Oh OK cool

Aftershock . said...

Oh my jesus . These pictures are amazing . I probably would have dropped my camera if I met Karl Lagerfeld ! Love your blog . :)

1 Dope Kidd said...

my mouth is like widee open.
you official bro, sooo luckkkky

Fashion Wh0re said...

Jevon i'm so jealous you met karl These pictures are great looks like yall had a great time :)

The Fashion Wh0re

Fidelyn said...

wow! sounds like you had a lot of fun. omg, you have a watch line? omg congratulations