November 29, 2009

And I thought she was my Biggest Fan

ALmost at 290 FOLLOWERs haha, Check out this look book for men, and theres also one for Women, but i will give you the site for that one. I am in love with this look. If they made these in my size I would Deff rock them. Because one it would be different from what everyone else is wearing and two I think its just dope. =] Take a look:

LINK Check out some more Lookbooks for Men and Women HERE
Check this kid out.. HE is amazing. wanna know more info go HERE.. and listen to his song right HERE


Vinda Sonata said...

i really love the hat in the first picture and the red leather vest in the last picture. what i'm not really into is the vest in the fourth picture. i think it should be replaced with a neutral-colored safari jacket or 60s blazer ;)

thank you for commenting at my blog previously :)


Creative said...

i love ur og follow meh and ill do the same..

HipHopCulture said...

Lets get ya blog up to 300. I nearly got 100 lol. Ya blog is dopeeee one of my favourite.
Keeep it up JEVON!

Dcjaxn said...

I like the last one. Already at 290

amelia said...

u jst post this bcuz this morning when i got up i was on this n i came off then came on again btw u have 290 followers. even though i jst followed u i would check out ur blog everyday so now that i fully follow u, instead of me thinkin about goin on diggy's blog i'm also goin to be thinkin of goin on urs ( everyday that i'm on the internet) n i really mean it when i said i'm ur biggest fan bcuz usually when i'm on diggy's blog i'm jst scrolling down looking for ur name and has i see it i'll be like yeah jevon's on and i still do that

amelia said...

jevon,i'm always gunna remember ur name bcuz ur the MAIN person i talk about on diggy's blog with my friends, my brother's name is also JEVON SMITH ( yea, i'm a smith too)n bcuz ur name was the first name i saw on life of the jet setters.

miss2009 said...

Heey Jevon your blog Is THE BLOG OF THE WEEK.this week lol

Jevon said...

Thanks So much Amelia, Nice to know i have some real fans on here.
and If i make it in life you are deff going to be one in mind to thank along with MY 290 FOLLOWERS! =]
Thanks everyone for the comments and all that..
It truly means a lot.. I can't thank you enough you all make me so happy at what i do