March 19, 2010


The reason why I haven't been on my grind lately is because I've been pretty busy with school work... BUT I'm glad to say I'll be back on my grind ASAP. This blog is Under construction meaning I'm getting a new header(YES I change Mine a lot) This header is going to bring a more spring feel. Also I'm changing the colors to my blog to a more spring/summer feel. New photos and new video. I hope I can put this out soon. I'm aiming for Sometime by the end of tomorrow depending on when I get my photo taken.. ALSO Some photos I will put on Lookbook. Please Hype it for me. Once again sorry for those that are into my blog. Stay with me and I won't disappoint you!
So I leave you with some pix of my last few days lol:

PS, Stick around to a later post, I might be holding another contest... would you guys be into that? OR I might do a Q&A day like i did awhile back.. What would you guys say...:
A. Question&Answer day
B. Contest
Let me know...
Shouts out to MalibuMara for hitting over 700 followers!


makaila said...

I missed you.

MalibuMara said...

thanks for the shout,
dope pics,
you should do another contest i liked the last one,
maybe i'll actually enter this time hahaha

Tommy The Fashionist said...

idk man i like both ideas but i think maybe q&a might be better soo i go with B

Riot!eous said...

looking forward to new posts! and your pictures are making me kinda hungry

Tokyo.Diamond said...

Aww You Went Out To Eat With Your Boo. How Cute. A Contest would be dope.

Dcjaxn said...