March 30, 2010

You worried bout the wrong thing$

Charlie France By Alfonso Ohnur | Esquire Espana April 2010:

First off Shouts out to Diggy for being on 106&park. I remember that song he was singing.. Its called "Set me Free" Which is one of my favorite tracks by him.. But I'm sure he will come out with something better and will soon be my new Fav.. Make sure you download that joint though!
Second I just wanna say thank you everyone for following me and keeping my head up! Can't wait to hit 500 Followers! and i hope i do.... I also hope to kick off something productive in the fashion world soon.. You feel me? Well I can sit here and Hope all i want but I need to go out and make it happen for myself... that goes out to anyone who wants to be soemthing in life. Don't wait for things to happen, Make them happen :]


JUSTIN said...

Thats what I sayyyy lol.. And dope post man!

imoni said...

thats one of my fav tracks from diggy, i was rappin' with him lol he killed it & your gonna get your goal in no time..but me i need miracle lol

Tommy The Fashionist said...

thats true man

Anonymous said...

yo jevon, my names Anderson and im trying to do the same thing in life as you, i want to launch a collection and i too send some pictures of my stuff and i want you to judge it because you maybe a fashion wiz lol so check my blog out, follow if you want, and try to help me out and such., contact me if anything because i always check my comments

Malibu said...

yea i saw a bit of it,
cool post and you'll be fine dude!

mom & son said...

I agree.
Have a great day!