October 6, 2009

Its all just junior High

Hey yall whatsup, So you all remember Solonge and her hair style and all the talk about it over the summer right? Honestly i liked it, I thought it was a good look for her, She has been talking about all the negative feed back on it on Twitter just RT to some people and all that. I found some amazing pics of her taking some photos and I must say Im in love with her style now. Shes in the Honey Magazine
check them out:
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Got one question, Yall still into the blog right? I feel like i lost like all you guys haha, Let me know if your still into the blog let me know if i can improve.


Lend Auh Hand. said...

I'm still into the blog.i check it every dayy.lol.I rlly like the posts that include things on your life and what you do//go through......It's pretty muchh...iDunno...Interesting.lol.

alisha said...

hey im still here even though i just got here abt two months ago. keep it jevon

i dont know what the problem is but i like her new hairstyle. its her hair and nobody should critize her badly for her style. she looks good in it. i like these photos of her too

Jevon said...

Hah thanks guys ; ) i knew i can count on you both. But yeah i love this look up here

Zwagger.Kid!!?? said...

dude yo blog is to dope so check mine out manyswaggersonezwagger.blogspot.com

daniel said...

yo jevon check out my blog i just posted a lookbook you shoould check it out i no for a fact you will really like it because this post is one of my fav post soo far and it means alot to me. check it out!.

HipHopCulture said...

Jevon your blog is dope and always wil lbe dope. I check it out every day LOL Im loving tthe pics lol


JUSTIN said...

jevon im checkin it daily! and alot of people are doing that.. u really need to come on aim again sometime man!!!