December 8, 2009

Dope or Not?

This is really REALLY creative and unique, I love these sculptures. I wish I could put one in my room xD.
The Hybird Sculptures of Brendan Lee Tang:

Have you guys ever wanted to design your own clothes? and are you tired of paying so much money for BBC? Not calling shots at BBC but I know its mad expensive, so get ready to be able to customize your own graphic tee's and hoodies for a price around 45-70$.
Get ready to see that website xP, I've been chatting with this guy, hopefully this isn't a joke.


Fashion Wh0re said...


Riot!eous said...

i like the first one with the soldiers but im a little iffy with the others

Ms. King said...

the 1st one is pretty cool

Tammy said...


kidpaul said...

i hope this website aint no joke Jevon! lol.