June 6, 2012

Accessory guide

Since my "Snapback guide" turned out to be a popular post, I thought I'd make a post about other accessories I've had my eye on. So check out some of MY top few accessories I think is a must have this summer season.

Again, these aren't "trends" these are just what I thought was appealing to me.
First off we have the classic gold casio watch. I think every guy or girl should own at least one gold watch in their life. It's something about gold that I personally find better than silver. You can pick up your casio watch at American Apparel. Next, we have two skull rings which is featured in MastermindJAPAN. Check out  honeyee.com for their online store. And last but not least we have the famous MCM leather backpack. A lot of people recently have been sporting around their MCM handbags, hats and any other accessory you can think of. What makes this one unique is the gold and silver pyramid studs. It's hard to come by these, so I'm not really sure were to tell you to pick one up, however I'm sure if you do enough google searching you can find one.


Jae LeneƩ said...

I love your blog! Honestly. I've been checking it out for awhile. Keep it up. (:

Jevon said...

@Jae Lenee Thanks! I appreciate it!