September 21, 2012


Down at Fashion Institute of Technology seven talented students got a chance to show off their collections. Although, some better than others I must say the collections were pretty well done. Model wise I wasn't to impressed. Nothing against looks just the walks. Whenever I am watching a runway presentation the look of the collection isn't what it's all about. It's about how it's presented by the model. Designers Erica Appleby, Marvin Inabinet, Jordan Jackson, Eva Mohrman and Ashley Padmore kicked off the show. Also what really impressed me was the live performance by Kimberly Nichole. She was amazing!  However what really built up the hype of the runway show were designers Christine Smith and Joshua Myrie. These two are very and I mean VERY talented. Excuse the crapy IPhone photos, but I hope to find higher quality photos later on in the week.


Over all I enjoyed it. Congrats to everyone involved in the show and a special shout out to Black Student Union for putting this show all together. I'm glad you guys had a full house! 

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