August 1, 2009

Sneaker Jewelry

Im not really sure if i am feeling this.. what do you guys think?

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treylon said...

not even close to being considerd dope

laz is that kid said...

my follow thing should be at the top.... oh yeah and the shoes up top... im not sure about them..

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Javon. Your style is just so amazing. I mean its fucking FRESH and when I say its fresh I mean its fresh. I come on your blog every single day, and to see what you have grown into is really amazing. I see your future ultra bright because you ARE on are right track. I know you'll get more subs if you keep on doin' ya thang but there come sooner than you think;).

Javon you are my inspiration!.


Jevon said...

Thanks soo much Comment above.. i wish i knew who it was so i could thank you.. But thanks again :D that means so much to me

diqqywifey1 said...

omg i freaking luv this plz help me on my CLUELESS! im gonna follow you just because you rule!!! plz help meh onn my blog dewd...yur like a god wen itd comes tew this...get baqc adt meh!