August 23, 2009

Shouting out the Hommies as I BREEZ by

Hey so a few of your been asking me to promote your blogs... So I really don't have much time, BUT i want to help you all out as much as i can... If i miss you tell me in the comments to put you up, Maybe i will put you in my other post. Thanks to everyone xD.

First blog:
Laz is that KiD...
Check him out he has some pretty fresh sketches, the latest shoes... etc.
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Next one is..
...He's been helping me and giving me some words of wisdom on why shouldn't give up AND I am never going to give up. I really want to prove my point and be a fashion Biz owner, and If you forgot its in my "Q&A day part2" section but I will say it again... My main point of this whole blog is, You don't have to be rich and balling to make it to the lime light, I know a lot of artist say that but they Haven't had a website so early trying to get their point across which is what i am trying to do
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And another shout out too Amr.. he's doing his thing already wish I had connections like him that way i can kick off my Fashion bis
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And a shout out to KINGYOUNGLEE...
Keep doin yah thing xD

Thank you Justin, AND THank you Everyone I mean everyone From Awk@ardz too Tr3ndz $ett3r To Daniel.. TO EVERYONE....
ALll My Followers all my hater, I want to think you and PLEASE don't stop, You all make me feel so wanted and happy to come on here to wake up to 5 Comments in the morning, that may not sound like a lot, BUt in my eyes im like damn.. People are actually into me xD. keep it up to all the blogs out there, and I hope my dream will come true and I will always remember my blog fans word up.
Yours truly,

CHECK OUT THIS BLog.. I love her songs on her pro xD



shout me out plz

daniel said...

thx man it mean alot.

Amr said...

shout me out plz
i put someting on my blog about u with diggy called other hot blogs
i think u seen it because u commented back to me

Anonymous said...

thnx for shoutin me out... bro your awesome i could use the promotion


thanks.and o yea.if u do get a camera what kind will u get

roxy said...


JUSTIN said...

yo jevon! thanks man!! I really really appreciate it.. imma do a shout out tommorow and my first video blog is comming up to lol cause I got 51 followers há! thanks homie,for all the support and EVEN shouting me out man that really is super! you keep it up man imma deff do the same.. you deserve a big shout out man, but its late and stuff so i gonna sleep its almost 1am im tired.. got much to talk about though hope we can talk soon! and I hope ur well :-D, pce!

Neesh B Fly said...

okay where's my shout

Kiera said...

promote my blog por favor
it would be greatly appreciated....

love your blog
much love