April 10, 2010

Jump up in the air and stay there

I know I haven't done one of these in a while... But I want to help this guys blog out as much as I can!
On the short run This kid is a 14 Year old aspiring actor and Basketball player, He fell in love with fashion at such a young age similar to me so I can relate to him and his hustle. Also similar to me he can turn the cheapest Item off the rack and turn it into something dope. This is a very creative young dude. I suggest you guys go and check him out. He's meet people like Justin Beiber and Kanye West and even Usher! Now thats sick! So go give his blog some love and Follow.Comment.ENJOY!
(PS: If you would like one of these Email me some of your information and why your trying to be herd or whatever is on your mind lol. Just hit me with an Email if you want to be on my blog.)


Immature Gentleman said...

yeah ima check it out, maybe even one day you can pput me on your blog haha, but thats if you want though, i made my first shirt and posted it yesterday, check it out fam and tell me what you think

Tommy The Fashionist said...

yea i also helped him out on my blog too

Michelle said...

he DOPE .!
check him out&helphim out .
he helped me out ;; from 9 followers , to 22 // he recognizes dope bloggers that are known and his fashion sense is RIDICULOUS , love it <3