July 10, 2010


What's good everyone, First I want you guys to join something I find really dope
Click the link right HERE
It's an online Form where fashion cats can socialize and chat about the latest fashion. I find it pretty cool that my dude Jay from Swagger Junky put it together. So help him out and join!
Next I want to update you on Valor Candy! The watches are still overseas and should be coming soon. I hope.
I need to post again soon, I just wanted to do this update!


Tommy The Fashionist said...

i cant wait to see it

Jay said...

I just joined!! It seems cool.

Jelani said...

thanks bruh

Tokyo.Diamond said...

Can't wait to see the watches.

John Panichella said...

Pretty interested in seeing these watches haha.
Jay P of Jay Swag