July 22, 2009

Now we Fresh as a Prince, While they Jazzy- Jeff

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What can I say about these two...? Amazing, Wonderful, Role-model... You tell me.. Keep doing your thing Diggy, Hope to see you in the biz world :D


Amr said...

pharrell is my idol
diggy is fly

Tr3ndz $ett3r said...

Ill give them they props they HOT!!!

Nice blog.

-Tray:;Tray.! said...

-Heck, Yea:;jevon i feel you im stuck at 36
.i need more but dont let that stop you
.i look at your blog every day and i love it
.dude keep going no matter what.!

"Heck, Yea".!

Eric_32 said...


dope blog! check mine out


comment/follow and i'll do the same.

treylon said...

pharrell and diggy are my idols
i live three houses down from diggy
follow my blog and ill follow yours