July 7, 2009

Who I look up too =D

lupe fiasco Pictures, Images and Photos
One of the gratest.. Yes I said gratest rappers alive... Lupe Fiasco

Pharell Pictures, Images and Photos
Pharrell Williams, I sure do wish I can do the things you do... And I wish i can meet you =]

diggy Pictures, Images and Photos
Gotta have Diggy here... I really like what you doing, and i wish one day we can chill becuase your one down ass kid, Its good to know we have some in common even if you dont know me ha.

1 comment:

!**>Baller_Chick_30<**! said...

hey i kno u dont wanna be hearin from me u rather be hearin from diggy!! i just wanted 2 say i read ur comment for digg and i said 2 myself that is how i feel 2 but ya kno... diggy is mad famous and has a lot of comments so we all cxant get our way so we have to get on his blog earlier and maybe he will go on our website!! srry i am not digg!!!! o ya... i look up 2 diggy also not 2 be lik him cuzz i am a gurl but i wanna do something like he is coming out wit a clothin line at a young age... that is mad hot... he is mad fine though...!!! pce!!