July 14, 2009

Where all my Drake Fans at?

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In February 2006, Drake released his first mixtape Room for Improvement. It was made available via his website and official MySpace page. From the success of his first mixtape, he later began releasing more, capitalizing from the buzz.
...Looks like Drake the new wezzy yall..


!**>Baller_Chick_30<**! said...

not only a diggy fan but a drake fan also and ya i am also glad there r noit just stalkers out but reall fans and i am about 2 become a follower!!!

luv ur blog!!... so much better than mine!!! haha!!


Zunilda said...

please follow my blog

&& drake is the best actor & singer yet lol Canada^^^

Jevon said...

ha I amm Following your blog =P i like it a lot keep it up.
and help get the word out about mine and i will do the same to yours

X_Skater_X said...

You should listen to his new video Best i ever had.

Jevon said...

Yeahh i just saw it... its like mad weird all it is is boobs haa