June 24, 2010

Coming soon

First I want to talk about an upcoming Mix Tape called "Epic Mix Tape" It's going to be dropping July 1st so be on the look out. Here's one of my favorite tracks off it called "Effortless"
Tell your friends about him and make sure to download his Mix Tape when it drops.

Second, I want to tell you I'm dropping something real soon for sale on the blog. I've already set my budget, my moms cool with it and expect some collaborations. I'm not going to tell you guys what. I will once I test it to see if it all works out : ].
The image above will be the logo of the site. So stay posted.


Nnamz said...

cant wait for it

Marissa said...

cool cant wait to see what it is

The Futuristic Gentleman said...

That would be so cool to do a colab with some other bloggers and designers. I will so be lookin forward to it! ! !

Tommy The Fashionist said...

i wanna know!!!

Jhizzy said...