June 10, 2010


Wooyoungmi Fall 2010 Campaign:

I think this Gave my my WOW I was looking for in mens fashion. But a question I have today is this: Do you try to patch up old friendships when your "Best friend" De-friends you?
What the hell do you do?
Comment below and tell me what you think.


Unique Fashion said...

to give you input on ur question i say that you should try to patch up old friendships. its the best thing to do .. lol

Jhizzy said...

yo dope post really like the black & White for some reason lol!

J. said...

This is how the man of my dreams dresses!
So, are you sure it was you that did something wrong to be de-friended?

imoni said...

new post , we actually have the same one =D , but anyhow i think people should patch up old friendships because you'll always think of what could of happen . hope i helped lol =)