September 28, 2009


I must say, to those you entered late.. Your shit was mad dope, You probally could have been actually WOULD have been up there on top three.. since this contest was such a success Im planing on doing another one xD. but this time its free for all anything goes.. Shoes, Dress, jacket.. etc.
This was a hard choice.. and let me say to the girl who sketched the red dress, I thought it was original, it was simple but it was red which is one of my fav colors ahha, and to Who Designed the varsity jacket MAN IF you did color that deff would have blew my eyes away... Lets hope everyone Does this contest next time with color and all...
SO WITHOUT further ADO... THE WINNER Is.... (Drum roll please) xD


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This sketch was very VERY unique, I thought it was of the chain, I would love to see this made into a real dress. and if your reading this You should save this sketch and make this come to life..
Her blog let me tell you about that, ITS VERY Up to date on everything... I love that Pic she drew well if she didn't its still dope... Everything about her blog is Sick.. TO all you bloggers you got something to look out for xP. haha
so let me know if you would like to do this Contest again sometime and i will do another Post for the winner xD. So give it up For Hildi xD check out her blog HERE


daniel said...

i really like it.
good job Hildi!

kidpaul said...

yo Jevon you have the most creative ideas! lol.
love the blog, keep it up.

fans of Jevon - checkout my blog (:

Nnamz said...

imma send you a sketch of mine.
and compare the 2 ok.
dnt post it.(if yu want 2 lol)
just feedback ok.?
(no color on mine tho)

Hildi**** said...

:D juhhhhhhhuuuu!!!! i wonnn hhaha.....
i will do more sketches in future

click to visit see my blog :)

keep it fresh..


HipHopCulture said...

That is dope I reckon, Jvon I got some sketchs should I post up next time then?

Melanie! said...

yaayy thanks for visiting my blog! glad u like it!

i like urs too and will be following
this sketch is really nice..lookin 4ward to seeing more of ur work!

Jevon said...

ha thanks, But this isn't my work, the above like on the newest post is haha, but thankss im glad u like my blog also

crowned king music said...

i would of entered the contest.till i read the rules and found out u wasnt giving a million dollar grand